Christine Lin, Founder

As the first generation of visionary entrepreneurs immigrating to the United States, Ms. Lin is committed to improving and promoting the world's education. She has a Master of Liberal Arts in Management from Harvard University through extended studies while she was managing multiple enterprises. During her study at Harvard, Christine’s greatest take away is Harvard’s school motto, a Latin word - “VERITAS”, that means “truth”, and has been deeply affected by it.

Christine is also the creator and pioneer of the “Love. Guide. Nurture” philosophy in international education based on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. She and the team adhere to the philosophy and build up a sufficient supporting system that lays the theoretical foundation and practical rules for the growth and development of the young students.

Ms. Lin is a member of Bloomberg Breakaway C.E.O. network, she is also the President and C.E.O of the Cambridge Network and KnowledgeLink. Ms. Lin has led Cambridge Network to become one of the fastest growing companies in Inc.500 and 5000 consecutively from 2013-2017. From 2015-2019, Ms. Lin and Cambridge Network have been recognized as Top 100 Women Led Businesses in Massachusetts by Boston Globe. In 2016, Christine was ranked No.39 out of the top 100.

Steven Gao, Co-Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur who successfully started and operated many businesses for the past 20 years, Steven is an outstanding business strategist, innovative leader and has built more than 10 enterprises. In particular, several are multi-million-dollar enterprises. One recent success, the Cambridge Institute of International Education founded in 2009 has grown to more than 400 employees in U.S. and over 700 worldwide.

His mission is to expand human perspectives and world harmony through education. Before this, Steven built an ODM/OEM business for designing and manufacturing as well as experimented with an E-commerce start-up. Steven’s other ventures include international shipping business as well as international business in the Europe, Vietnam and China.

Educated with an EE major, Steven is a first generation self-made entrepreneur and business strategist with global view and global execution experiences . He is always ready and happy to share his knowledge to help benefit his clients and partners as his way of giving back to the communities he loves.


Recognized on Inc. 500|5000's List of Fastest-Growing Companies in America (2014-2018).

A Top 100 Women-Led Business in Massachusetts as awarded by The Boston Globe Magazine and the Commonwealth Institute (2015-2019).



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Coronavirus Response

All of us here at CreativeStar Solutions, along with the rest of the world, are feeling the impacts of the coronavirus. This dangerous virus has changed the way of life all around the globe. As a team of engineers, IT specialists, and entrepreneurs, we are committed to helping fight against coronavirus as best we can.

CreativeStar Solutions is dedicated to prevent and slow the transmission of the coronavirus. We have introduced our Artemis® Thermal Scanner and AI Disinfectant Robot systems 
 to help businesses, schools, hospitals, and any other larger public area reduce the transmission of the coronavirus and other communicable illnesses.

According to the  CDC’s  new guideline, Pre-Screen: Employers should measure the employee’s temperature and assess symptoms prior to them starting work. Ideally, temperature checks should happen before the individual enters the facility.

Beyond our products were developed by our dedicated engineers with the help of the top-notch university and scientific research labs, we want to encourage anyone that has ideas on how to combat the coronavirus to reach out to us. We want to create a community to share ideas and turn them into reality to fight the spread of the virus. Please reach out to us or follow us on twitter. Let’s come together as a community and fight the coronavirus.


CreativeStar Solutions is a Massachusetts based company providing essential technology, software, and services for businesses to adapt to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Not only does our reliable technology and software help businesses reopen and prepare them for future unexpected events, but our people are there to help every step of the way, helping you find the most suitable solution. Our solution-based company is dedicated not only to keeping employees and customers safe but also to safeguarding the future of your business for unexpected events.


Technical Know-how

Our talents cover full stack software and IT services, in particular, we are specialties and certified in the following technologies:

Software – ReactJS/Native, Everything Java, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL;
Mobile Development – Android, IOS and React Native;
IT Services – Cisco/Meraki, Office 365/G Suite, AWS/Azure;
We hosted an R&D lab on Big Data, Deep Learning, and Blockchain.


Business Domains

Our teams have collective experience in the following business domains:

Education – K12, College, Tutoring, and education consulting;
Marketing and Adverting – In-bound and out-bound Marketing, SEO/SEM, Social and WOM;
Telecommunication – Wireless, Wireline, and Cable networks, value-add services such as prepaid, location-based service, and voicemail.



As a tech company, we take pride in our business analysis and consulting capabilities. Our initial engagement starts with our in-depth study and analysis of your business, especially in the domain of automation and innovation. We run our project with Lean Startup and Agile methodology to balance between Time to Market and Quality. We are not passive implementors, we proactively work as a partner to define roadmaps, translate requirements into designs. We are technology enablers.


Theis Søndergaard, Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

World's Largest Online Wine Marketplace
Overall, we're very happy with the work being done and the status of the project. We appreciate your software development work and we will start to discuss how to spend the marketing budget with your Chinese marketing entry proposal.

Christine Lin, Co-founder & President

The US Largest International Student Recruitment & Management Network
Creativestar has been an all-encompassing solution to our various business needs. Their immediate response and innovative solutions have translated into higher productivity and streamlined operations. Creativestar's service is amazing!

May Zhou, President

A Company Dedicated to International Education & Short Term Exchange Program
Starting up a new business is more than a full time job and trying to put together all of the technology for the register and the back office support was more than I could deal with. Somehow, Creativestar figure out how to solve all my problems.

Jayna Unka, Product Manager

World’s Leading Medical & Travel Security Risk Services Company
They always prepared to go beyond normal expectations in order to deliver technological precision. Not only that, they also give great attention to design detail to always ensure a creative end result. I was very impressed by the whole team.

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