Digital Migration Solutions
Cloud Migration
  • Cloud-based email system migration
  • Database migration
  • Cloud file sharing
  • Server hosting
Cloud Integration
  • SSO setup
  • API gateway
  • SaaS integration
  • Customized enterprise system
Vertical Solutions
  • Integrated CRM solution
  • Integrated Marketing solution
  • Virtual office setup
  • Website design and implementation

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Business consultation

  • Automatic translation
  • Voice recognition
  • Face recognition and picture tagging

Cloud Data Warehouse

  • Integrate all sources of data in one place
  • Slice and dice the data from different aspect
  • Get data ready for reporting and visualization

Managed Service Desk

  • 24/7 online/phone support
  • Emergency on-site handling
  • On-site trainings

LDAP/AD management

  • Manage your LDAP/AD service
  • Take care of onboarding/offboarding process
  • Rapidly response normal/ad-hoc privilege requests

Networking Setup

  • Automatic translation
  • Voice recognition
  • Face recognition and picture tagging

Managed Phone Service

  • Company desk phone setup
  • BYOD with designated number block
  • Virtual call center establishment

Email Archive and Migration

  • Email migration from variety platforms to Office 365
  • Archive important emails for decades
  • Securely store/backup archives in local/cloud storage

Machine Learning

  • Based on mature technology of Google and AWS
  • Apply classification, clustering, regression and etc to your business
  • Make better decision on collected data

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