API Gateway

Moving away from monolithic applications to microservice oriented architecture? API Gateway is the best solution to easily deploy, scale, and monitoring and analytics for microservice oriented services independently.

The following features are offered:

  • Optimized Endpoints
  • Centralized Middleware Functionality
  • Canary Releases
  • Load Balancing
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Running Microservices


OXONE.IO is an all-in-one business automation app offered as SaaS. Starting from marketing automation to CRM, it covers the full spectrum of the business value chain.

  • We developed our oxone.io product on top of a mature open source platform Odoo with ten years of history.
  • There are 3 million worldwide live users, and about 800 active developers for the platform. There are more than three thousand individual application modules in the community version that covers almost every aspect of running a business.
  • We can customize OXONE to deliver exactly what you need very quickly without sacrificing quality.

Notification System

Fully customizable notification system designed to handle thousands of requests in just seconds. One of the most powerful notification systems available on the market.

Top features of the alert system:

  • Automatically send latest proprietary information to a set list recipients.
  • Easily curate, design, and manage notifcations to thousands of customers in a matter of seconds.
  • Notification recipients can change the subscription preference from anywhere includes mobile and web access.
  • Multitenancy support.

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